1st Session

(1) Physical Reality. The Foundation up to the Present time.

How experiences from this lifetime and previous lifetimes are the building blocks of one’s Spiritual Foundations.

We will be looking at aspects of this physical dimensions at various levels of understanding, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Ethereal and Spiritual to find the wisdom of our present nature.


2nd Session

(2) Awakening. Expanding beyond the 3D.

Looking at how experiences bring about the Spiritual Awakening. How to Adapt To Change and how to manage ones Energies during and after a Spiritual Awakening.


3rd Session

(3) Energies of Light. Ascension.

In this session we will be looking at Light and how the Energy of it is bringing about great change, both on the individual level and universal level.

Also included are the aspects of Wavelengths, Frequencies and Vibrations and the influence of them during these times. Spiritual Beings and Spiritual Planes.

Approaching the New World.


4th Session

(4) Opening Up with Simplicity.

Communication with Spirit and Other Worlds and Dimensions.

Psychic, Mediumship, Channelling and Trance.


5th Session

(5) The Event. A Cosmic Shift.

What is this Event?

In this session we look at how the accumulated spiritual knowledge, information and teachings gathered, work in a unique way to reflect a clear and coherent space within oneself in order to walk the path with wisdom.

Focusing the Mind. Protecting the Mind and Field of Energies. Stillness.

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All Sessions

(1-5) Full Retreat.

(1) Physical Reality. The Foundation up to the Present time.

(2) Awakening. Expanding beyond the 3D.

(3) Energies of Light. Ascension.

(4) Opening Up with Simplicity.

(5) The Event. A Cosmic Shift.

All 5 Sessions are included in this package.

This is a Series of Mini-Retreat like sessions.

Each session offers a unique and clear insight to the present changes taking place in the world.

Beginning with the basic fundamentals of the physical world and its perceived reality, to stepping onto a Spiritual Path of Enlightenment and Cosmic Truth.

This Mini-Retreat has being inspired from specific Spiritual Beings who not only comprehend this Global Event but who also have a complete wisdom and understanding of its details and the many multifaceted and multidimensional frequencies of the spectrums of Cosmic Awareness and Collective Consciousness related to it.

Presented as individual sessions and a mini-retreat as a whole, we look at specific stages and specific pointers which lead us all through this time of great change. Also discussed is how we are guided by Spiritual and Celestial Beings through the many aspects and different stages of this transition.

Please Note. These are Recordings of live online Zoom Sessions with audiance attendence, conducted the week between Christmas and New Years Eve 2021.

All the sessions include PowerPoint Presentation.

The first four sessions include a Meditation.

Each session of this Special Retreat can be bought separatelly or you can buy the whole package with a discount.

If you prefer to pay by Paypal please do not forget to make a note which session / package you wish to receive.

MCG Paypal email: mcg@startmail.com


Thank you for your support… MCG

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