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Ethereal Virtual Shop offers both Digital and Physical products.

You can purchase anything on your own or contact Ethereal Virtual Centre if you need help or advice.

Ethereal Virtual Shop

You can Enter the Ethereal Virtual Shop

in Zoom Room of Ethereal Virtual Centre

Or Use Zoom Meeting ID: 676 760 5795, passcode MCG2020

Online Spiritual Centre

A Place of Spiritual and Ethereal Teachings

Ethereal Virtual Centre is open to anyone.

To walk in with the Light, sit in the Light and leave with the Light.

“As humankind is moving towards an Ethereal way of Seeing, Thinking and Existing, a Whole New Perception of Being is Occurring Globally.”

Ethereal Virtual Centre

This New Virtual Centre Is Open To Visitors During Certain Hours Of The Week.

Everyone Is Welcome!

Ethereal Virtual Centre is run on Zoom with different break-out Rooms operated simultaneously.

The Virtual Centre Consist Of

  • Spiritual Teachings
  • Discussion Sessions
  • Spiritual Advices as Free Tuition
  • Meditations
  • Virtual Shop
  • Community Chats
  • Support Rooms
  • Channelling Classes
  • Practice Sessions

Welcome to the Reception

You can enter by clicking on Zoom icon

or filling the Zoom details in your Zoom app

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Ethereal Virtual Shop

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