Join Us On a Journey Into The Light

Discover and Experience Spiritual Alignment, Ascension and Expansion of Your Consciousness,

Transcend beyond the Physical and Mundane into the Multi-Dimensional Reality of Being.

This Retreat has been Carefully And Specifically Prepared So That We Take A Journey through the many Layers Of Energy

which leads us to the Inner Light of Spiritual Awareness.

We will Look At and Attune to Energy, Light, Wavelengths, Frequencies and Vibrations.

Where you can enter further into the Light of your own Soul in order to bring its most wonderful and magnificent Emanations to the surface.

The Spiritual Programme has been inspired to offer you the opportunity of Change and Transformation.

Throughout the Process of this Retreat, any Obstacles or Layers of Density will Naturally Peel Away, Dissolve and be Healed.

And Be Replaced by Clarity, Confidence and Intuition.

This Retreat offers the Potential to be a Life-Changing Experience, by not only deepening your Spiritual Practice, but also by Expanding Your Spiritual Awareness Into The Light.

We take A Journey That Is Aligned In Such A Spiritual Way That From the Very First Session, We Enter the Retreat in a Loving Light Way.

Spiritual Programme

This Retreat Will be led by Colin from Menorca Consciousness Group.

Colin has experienced a Complete Energetic Shift into the Light. He has encountered and embraced the Light of Angels and Celestial Beings, through a Profound Transformation Process and the Realisation of the Emptiness of Awareness.

Colin conducts Seminars, Workshops and Courses on the Nature of Reality, Cosmic Consciousness and Cosmic Order, including… Light, Energy, Wavelengths Frequencies and Vibrations and the Multi-Dimensional understanding of them. He regularly holds debates and discussions on different Spiritual topics. He teaches Spiritual Awareness and Development Classes, the workings of Mediumship and the Psyche, Inner Light of Awareness and also, Stillness, and Meditation through Mindfulness.

Colin understands the Pure Concept of Living a Meaningful Life and he is committed to assisting and advancing people’s Spiritual Awareness and Development to be a Vessel and Channel for the Light. In various other areas Colin’s intention is to assist people to recognize and embrace their True Nature, through Harmonising with different Planes of Existence, Understanding the Mind, the Consciousness and the Fields of Energies, including Ether.

Colin’s teachings are always guided by Spiritual Beings and are based upon his own First Hand Experiences and Authentic Realisations.

The Retreat Programme has been prepared as an inspirational template to cover the main topics of this Retreat, however, the detailed content of Teachings will adapt to the Retreat Participants and their stage of Spiritual Development and their Spiritual path.

The Retreat Will Include 15 Sessions.

Each One Leading Gently And Clearer To The Next Until By The End Of The Retreat You Will Have Experienced the Beauty and Wonder of Light.

Each Session Will Consist of Clear Explanations of Spiritual Light. The Multidimensional Aspect of Light and the Wavelengths, Frequencies and Vibrations of Cosmic Consciousness.

During Each Session We Will Have the Opportunity to Meditate Upon the Teachings So That We Can Deepen Our Understanding of Each Topic.

For Further Details You Can Find the Full Retreat Schedule here.

Please Note. The Schedule may vary.

Some Sessions may be removed and new ones added. Specifically for Mediumship, Channeling, Open Circle and any potential Trance Sessions.

The LIGHT Sessions Will Consist Of:

Opening To Light

Aligning To Light

Ascension To Light

Awakening To Light

Inner Light

Light of Stillness

Abiding in The Light

Light of Awareness

Light of The Ether

Clear Light

Light Bodies

Awakening To Light

Opening To Light

Light of Stilness

Inner Light

Aligning to Light

Ascension Into The Light

Abiding in The Light

Light of the Ether

Light of Awareness

Clear Light

Light Bodies

Aligning our Energies (Keeping And Maintaining Balance And Harmony).

The Effects And Benefits Of Aligning To Light, For The Spiritual Evolution Of Oneself, Other Beings, The Earth Plane And Its Many Vibrations Of Intellect And Understanding.

Ascension to Multi-Dimensional Planes of Existence.

Attunement with the Purest and Finest Of Universal and Cosmic Wavelengths, Frequencies and Vibrations.

Harmonising with our Inner Light.

Knowledge and Spiritual Teachings of Divine Thought.

There will be Sessions in Channeling and Assistance and Guidance of Oneself Of Finer Energies from Dimensions of Pure Thought.

Note. There may be possible Channeling or Trance Communication taking place, but it is not guaranteed.

Private Sessions

Private Therapies:

Reiki Sessions

Massage Sessions – Various Forms

Healing Sessions

    Private Spiritual Sessions:

    Personal Spiritual Consultation Sessions

    Energy Alignment Sessions

    Private Spiritual Readings

      Please Note. Private Therapies and Spiritual Sessions are Available to Purchase.

      If you Wish to Book, You can do so In Advance or During the Retreat. 

      What to Look Forward To




      * LETTING GO










      * Non-Residential Options also available (please see below).

      You Will Be Staying In A Beautiful Private Villa On The Northern Coast Of Menorca.

      The Villa is located in a quiet area with stunning views to the forests and woodlands.

      This Villa was designed exclusively by its French owner and has a subtle theme and touch of North Africa décor.

       It has its very own private swimming pool and sun loungers for you to enjoy during your free time.

      And also quite spots around the adjourning garden areas.

      Nestled In A Quiet And Charming Area Of the Island.

      Rooms Layout: All Rooms are En-Suite.

      Rooms are Based on 2 Sharing (Twin Room or Double Room).

      Retreat Meals

      Full Board of Vegetarian / Vegan Meals

      • Breakfast, Lunch and Supper

      All Meals will be Lovingly Prepared by the amazing Vegan Chef Emily who lives localy on the Island and who will be using some of the Fresh Local Products. Emily herself is also a Yoga Teacher and Therapist.

      Important Notice. Out Of Respect To Spirit And The Well Being Of All Attendees, No Alcohol To Be Consumed Before Or During Any Retreat Session.

      Practical Information

      Retreat Dates: 17th – 24th September 2023

      The Retreat Price: £ 935 Per Person (Twin or Double room).

      Retreat Price Includes:

      • Spiritual Teachings

      • Daily Meditations

      • Spiritual Guidance

      • Accommodation in Twin / Double Room for 7 nights

      • Three Meals per day: Breakfast, Lunch and Supper

      • Airport Pick Up / Drop Off

      Price per Person:

      Full Price £935

      Deposit 40% of the Price £374

      Note: Flights are NOT included in the price.

      Your Booking Will Be Confirmed After:

      1. Full Payment of the Retreat is received.

      2. Deposit of 40% of the Full Amount of the Retreat is received.

      The Outstanding Balance is necessary to be paid no later than two months before the start date of the Retreat.

      Please Note. Menorca Consciousness Group (MCG) has a Cancellation Policy. You can find more detailed information about MCG Terms and Conditions here.


      All you need to do after making your Retreat booking with MCG is to book your flight.

      There are regular flights (direct and indirect) to Menorca (Mahon) from most major  European airports. Or you can check out the worldwide flights to Spain and to the beautiful island of Menorca. If you need any help or advice please do not hesitate to contact us.




      • FLIGHTS

      Additional Information

      For Those Who Wish to Experience the Amazing Energy of Menorca.

      The Island Of Menorca Is Full Of Hidden Beaches And Small Coves.

      If you wish to travel around the island between retreat sessions we recommend that that you rent a car or scooter.

      Car and scooter hire in Menorca are the traditional way to visit all desired destinations and venture and see the many jewels of Menorca, according to ones own pace.

      Mahon and Port of Mahon: A must see for any visitor. The capitol of Menorca. Filled with Shops, Markets and Restaurants.

      The Port of Mahon is perfect for a leisurely stroll along the long promenade with its array of small local boats up to the Super Yacht class that frequently visit the harbour as they sail the Med. There are daily glass bottomed boat excursions out of the harbour.

      In the Port of Mahon, there are also many restaurants lining the port, for those who just wish to enjoy the ambience of a meal or merely wish to sit and watch the world go by.

      Cuitadella is a perfect place to visit, filled with historic buildings and architecture from the various cultures that have been present on the island.

      Son Bou: Popular Tourist Town and beautiful beach on the South of the Island.

      Cala Galdana: Is an amazing place to visit with its stunning beach and restaurants inside a beautiful cove.

      Cami de Cavalls: Popular for Nature Walks / Cycling.


      Please Choose If You Wish To Pay Deposit Or Full Price

      and You Can Proceed To The Payment.

      Note. If you are booking for Two or More people.

      When you click on Book Now please specify the Quantity (the number of people you wish to book for) and then, in the “Name” field, please put Your Name Only (not two names etc.; otherwise the system will not allow you to proceed).


      Accommodation in a Twin Room / Double Room

      DEPOSIT £ 374

      Out of stock

      FULL PRICE £ 935

      Out of stock



      (without Accommodation and Meals)

      Spiritual Programme – Full Week 200 €

      Spiritual Programme – Individual Sessions

      40 € per Day (3 Sessions – Teachings and Meditations)

      15 € per Session (Teachings and Meditation)

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