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A Place of Spiritual and Ethereal Teachings

“As humankind is moving towards an Ethereal way of Seeing, Thinking and Existing, a Whole New Perception of Being is Occurring Globally.”


This New Virtual Centre Is Open To Visitors During Certain Hours Of The Week

All Are Welcome!

Ethereal Virtual Centre is run on Zoom with different rooms operated simultaneously.

You can also find out more information about each type of sessions here..

Spiritual Teachings

Discussion Sessions

Spiritual Advices


Community Chats

Channelling Classes

Ethereal Virtual Reception

By Entering to our Virtual Centre, You will be welcomed by our Receptionist who will direct you to the room of your choice.

You can enter the CENTRE here

As any other Centre, at the Ethereal Virtual Reception, you can

  • Book for any Upcoming Event
  • Book a Private Session with one of our Resident Tutors
  • or make a Purchase from our Ethereal Shop.

These options (Bookings & Products) are also available

on our Etheric WEB.


Etheric Web

You do not have to go through our Virtual Reception… Over here, via our WEB, you can also

  • Book an Event
  • Book a Private Session
  • or Make a Purchase from our Shop

You can book for any upcoming Events:

Awareness & Development Clasess

Workshop and Seminars

Special Events on unique Spiritual Topics

Spiritual Retreats

… and much more!


You can book for Private Session

with one of our Resident Tutor:

Spiritual Mediumship Readings

Tarot Card Readings

Healing Sessions

Spiritual Assessments


You can purchase Spiritual Products:


Meditation Sets on Specific Theme

Recorded Spiritual Teachings

* Various Spiritual Items

* Unique Essencial Oil


You can also make any Booking or any Purchase in our Shop:


Sundays Open Circle

Open Circle – Open Platform for Spiritual Communication

MCG runs Open Circles usually on Sundays at 7.30pm UK time..

You can check a particular occurence of this event on MCGs facebook page here:

Menorca Consciousness Group.

Open Circle is a Free Event (you do not have to register) and you can easily join us via link below..

Open Circles are created as stepping stones for ones spiritual path.

And even though they are for people to practice Spiritual Communication, Mediumship is merely one rung on the ladder to Enlightenment.

Training the Mind through Mindfulness is the Key to understanding true Spiritual Teachings.

All Are Welcome! ☺️💜

Featured Events

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You can see ALL OUR EVENTS & CALENDAR on our Events Page


Ethereal Virtual Centre Offers A Variety Of 1 To 1 Sessions Or Group Sessions..

Including Different Types Of Spiritual Readings And Healing Sessions.

Spiritual Reading From Your Loved Ones In Spirit.

A Reading Taken From A Spread Of The Tarot Cards.

An Assessment of Your Spiritual Path With Guidance And Directions.

Find Out Who Your Spiritual Guide Is.

Reiki Is A Form Of Energy Healing.

Healing Through The Vibrations Of Sound.



Ethereal Shop

In our SHOP you can find digital (downloadable) products, such as Meditations, Teachings, Book in digital formath etc.

We also offer physical products, such as Book in hard-copy, etheric oil etc.

You can see ALL OUR PRODUCTS on our Shop Page

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